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Need to Rise High?

Have a go at Groovey George’s towering aluminum body. You’ll never want to come back down.

Gear up.

Our full metal cock rings His Ringness the Earl and His Ringness the Duke will – quite literally – steel you for action.

We'll Make You an Offer You Can't Refuse.

Our Goldfather is wicked good for conductivity and comes with 23 karat gold flakes.

Steady, now.

Urethral probes need a delicate touch, but once you’ve got them... boy. oh. boy..

What's New, Pussycat?

About Mystim

"We'll make you tingle: Since 2005, we've been producing high class devices for erotic electro-stimulation – and all kinds of toys to go along with."

Once upon a time …there was a company that produced electrical stimulation devices for medical purposes – for physical therapy and pain management and all the other fields that use electrical stimulation as an effective alternative to drugs and chemical treatment.

Then there came the day when this company realized that a sizeable amount of their devices seemed to be used for a treatment that does not, strictly speaking, have anything to do with medicine (even though it does, let's say, enhance the general wellbeing).

What to do with such a realization? Simple: You do a ton of research, blue-pencil your product line and found a new company that will focus on nothing but the other kind of treatment and making that one as safe and versatile as can be.

That was 2005.
And the beginning of Mystim.

Since then, we've been working day in and day out on new ways to out electrical stimulation to an effective – and safe – use for the world's favorite passtime.

As the years went by, that led us to two things: First, we've refined and specialized our e-stim devices and second, we've been developing our product line to include all kinds of different toys that cater to your every need.Especially those below the belt.

Because our toys are made for intimate play, we make it a point to use only the best material and manufacture techniques.

Every single product is checked by hand – those made of aluminum are also polished by hand – and before anything that comes out of our production facilities may go on its merry way through the wide wide world, it is tested and tried every which way.

We think that good design and pleasure are a perfect fit.

That's why we're extra proud of the simple and elegant design that our toys feature, with precise lines, well defined shapes and spotlessly smooth sufaces.

And, of course, the necessary ergonomics to reach all the good spots.

Now, if you still need convincing, that won't happen here. Try it for yourself, and let what we do best show you what we're all about.

What people say?

It seems like a lot of money for a little box, but once you’ve seen the array of attachments available for the Tension Lover Unit, you’ll realise what they mean when they say dynamite comes in small packages. We’ve purchased several Mystim toys and the quality and experience always exceeds our expectations. With a little care, these toys will last you a lifetime. As for the experience – anything your kinky-self can think of, has a Mystim attachment ready to go. Excellent for the fella’s and the ladies.

Satisfied Customer

What people say?

Mystim is so much better than a normal vibe – these toys are definitely the future of sex toys!

Satisfied Customer

What people say?

The Hector Helix is provides such exciting sensations. The shape combined with the impulses intensified my orgasm more than I thought was possible!

Satisfied Customer

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